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Many Senior Communities in Las Vegas have model building as one of their clubs. When you see many model builders they are doing some of the things that they always wanted to do when they were younger and did not have the time to devote to that hobby. and the Beast has such a vast array of things to do you will find people at some of the Lakes like a Desert Shores which is the large pond area they have one at Lorenzi they have one at 2 Sunset Park you’ll find them on the water with models they have built such as remote controlled sailboats and little motor boats and they will be running races together on the lake with the math models they’ve built. salt on coming to see for 8 people working their boats at once.

Another thing they like to build is aircraft helicopters planes and  drones. many areas have places set up to run those planes and you will find a group of people who have built them. Racing them around flying I’m doing maneuvers and learning how to be a master of the plane they built. as the person building the plane you know what makes it work and you can correct it or add to it so that it functions better for your use that’s actually the fun of building it.

We have people who love photography I have one friend who has a son that works in Department of Transportation for Nevada I have Cruise all over where they are looking for new species of birds that migrate through our area. this man has the most unique pictures of birds you’ll find anywhere. Mountain and Wildlife photography is excellent in our area we have wild horses elk deer in the surrounding mountains along with Fox cayots bighorn sheep Burrows and others.

There are hunting and fishing that for tuna tees in the area as well Lake Mead is primarily the fishing source for the community stripers Bass are primarily the fish in the lake. Department of Wildlife  firmly planted trout in the lake the trout turned into feed for the stripers so now they’re trying to just grow the Shad as the primary source of food for the stripers in the lake. I make a very fun fish to catch you can go out and catch quite a few or days you can go out and catch none just depending if they’re in the area you’re in they seem to travel in schools. for the hunting enthusiasts and the area Nevada has a lot to offer however the permits and tags are hard to get. it seems that there is many large animals in the state so if you draw tag and you’re an avid Hunter you have a good opportunity to find a big animal to hunt.

there are a number activities that can keep you busy such as the large bingo parlors sports betting poker machines live poker games . there are opportunities for donating time throughout the community. the hospital’s the police force security Patrols elementary schools love to have people come read and volunteer time. assisted care and hospice centers do you have the willingness to volunteer are places for you throughout the valley.

The thing you’ll find the most of his people getting together to do things they join together in small groups. they have the red hat club for the ladies golf clubs Walking  groups

Hobbies that are enjoyed around Las Vegas

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