Welcome to Your Next Adventure

Deciding to move into a new home is not a decision made lightly; maybe you have been in your current home for the better part of your life, and the thought of moving seems too hard to handle. Or perhaps you are nervous about finding a new retirement community now that so many of your other friends have moved or passed away. Maybe your needs have just changed and you don’t need as much space as you had before. Whatever brings you here, we are happy you’ve come, and we are excited to help you transition into this exciting new adventure. 


In browsing our senior communities in Las Vegas, we hope that you begin to get excited about the prospects these new homes will afford you, namely friendships, activities, and experiences that can’t be beaten. Such activities include golfing, swimming, shopping, and more.  As you begin to settle in, you will find the amenities of our senior-centered accommodations to be numerous and rewarding. Interested in model building, followed by a round of bocce ball, and topped off with a BBQ? How about starting your morning off with a swim and your evening with a game of horseshoes and a drink? No need to dream anymore — our facilities will see it done.

Getting to Like Everything About You

As you peruse our various communities throughout the Las Vegas area, take a moment to get to know our resident resources which include useful Las Vegas real estate information. One of the most rewarding aspects of residing in a Senior Living Las Vegas neighborhood is how easy it is to make treasured memories with new and wonderful friends. One of the best ways to keep up with the goings-on of your area is to engage with other neighbors on the Forums. Here you can discuss everything from current events to learning a new skill. And if you need a web of support while you are going through a difficult time, we love being there for our friends. 

Maybe you have some beautiful things you’d like to sell, or you have been needing something in particular. We have a community classifieds section that helps mediate the buying and selling of whatever you need. And if you need the expertise of a professional? We can get you in touch with dozens of local businesses for whatever you need, from casinos to fine dining, to interior/exterior home renovation. 

Give and You Shall Receive

We know that true happiness exists when you pay it forward. You deserve to be comfortable and at ease, after all, you’ve accomplished. And yet none of us ever stops learning or needing others. That’s why at the center of our Las Vegas senior communities–whichever you may choose–is a spirit of collaboration. Our blog is full of articles about specific topics that may be of use to you, and we encourage you to not only share them with other friends or family members that might be in your same stage in life but to engage with us on them as well so that we can learn from each other. 

We all benefit from what you have to offer, and that’s why we place such emphasis on visiting our social calendar often so that you can participate in building up our community in meaningful ways. Of all the feedback we receive from our residents, the most positive always centers on what they can do in the community and the friends that surround them as they do it.

Senior Living Las Vegas is For You

Ultimately, our communities are made to be as multifaceted as you. With so many neighborhoods to explore throughout Las Vegas, you may feel daunted in choosing the best one for you. Our team is excited to answer any questions you may have and to resolve any anxiety. The homes at Senior Living Las Vegas provide all the camaraderie and leisure one could want, all in the desert paradise of beautiful Nevada. 

Bear in mind that each retirement community comes complete with its own unique set of amenities; if you are looking for a seniors-only golf course, for example, make sure to let us know and we will help you narrow your search to the home that best suits your needs. When it comes to Las Vegas real estate, we certainly know our way around. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find the perfect match in a community made for you. Here’s to success in your next grand adventure!