Aerial view of Las Vegas and surrounding suburban area

Clark County Nevada is a great place to live. It is conveniently located in the southwest portion of the United States. The elevation changes in Clark County go from low desert to high desert. When you drive around the area, you’ll actually see plants that change as you go up in elevation to Mount Charleston where there are pine trees and mountainous vegetation. The Las Vegas area is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

The west side of Las Vegas are the largest mountains and that is the Spring Mountain Range which encompasses Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston. Mountains at the north end of Las Vegas are known as the Sheep Range. The east side of Las Vegas is the Sunrise Mountain area and beyond Sunrise Mountain you reach Lake Mead. Lake Mead area and Laughlin are the lowest points in Clark County. On the south end of Las Vegas in the Henderson area you will find Black Mountain.

Temperatures in southern Nevada are quite mild. In the winter time, you’ll find our overnight lows in the 30s and our day time highs around mid 50’s. In the summertime, our average high temperature is about 107 degrees. However, we do reach days where 115 is possible. The morning lows during that time of year are in the 80s. Spring temperatures are terrific. The weather is in the 60s overnight, sometimes 70s. Daytime highs are between 72 and 95. We have approximately 25 cloudy or rainy days a year. In Clark County, we usually have a breeze or mild wind. Occasionally, we get strong wind of the 40 mile-an-hour range and gusting above that.

For outdoor activities, there are national parks in Clark County: Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Lake Mead. These areas allow for hiking, boating, camping, and sightseeing. Valley of Fire has area set aside for rappelling and mountain climbing, as well as many trails and a visitor center. Red Rock has a lot of bicycle enthusiasts riding through the area. Mount Charleston is very close to Las Vegas within an hour drive. It does have a ski resort and many hiking and ATV trails. Many people in clubs plan activities to do the mini-hikes around the area and explore old mining areas. Valley of Fire National Park is a park surrounded by Sandstone mountains which has caves with its own unique wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see bighorn sheep, lizards, and other creatures in the area. Be sure to bring your camera with you to all of our parts. There will be unparalleled photo opportunities. When exploring all of these areas, extreme safety should be taken to be sure everyone is safe. Our climate is a very dry climate; whenever doing outdoor activities be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Entertainment in the Las Vegas area cannot be rivaled by any city in the USA. We enjoy the blessing of having many casinos throughout our community. Most of our casinos like to bring in very good entertainment headliners at any given hotel. The dining cuisine within the casinos is very good, as they can afford to bring in the best chefs to be in charge of their dining rooms and menu. There are also many buffets. Many people just like to make friends while they go gambling. All of our casinos have all of the gambling activities available. Most of our casinos have movie theaters, bowling alleys, child care, and swimming pools all available for people when visiting or even when you live here to go enjoy those activities.

Most people don’t even know some of the best reasons to consider living here. Las Vegas enjoys no state income tax on wages or salaries or retirement income. Access to the community here is better by way of time and cost at the airport. You will have people coming to visit you even if they may not have visited you for a long time. All you have to do is let the word out that you live here and they will come to visit. When living here, I’ll give you the secret if you have relatives coming that you don’t want to stay at your house: when they tell you were there on the way or coming to see you, the next sentence you give them is “great, which hotel are you staying at?”

When you live in Las Vegas, the best time to travel and see friends is during the summertime. When traveling in the summertime, you will find the areas that you’re going to visit at the prime of their season looking beautiful and pleasing for your activities. The benefit of that is hard to measure, however when you are doing those activities you’re missing the heat of Las Vegas. The heat in Las Vegas is a dry heat it affects you a lot differently then heat in the humidity. In the summertime if you learn how to travel with extra water and hand towels you can stay cool just by soaking them and putting them on your shoulders; it takes the heat right out of your body.

When living in Las Vegas, there are many parks, community centers, walking trails, hiking trails, biking trails, tennis courts, golf courses, softball fields, and soccer fields. When driving in Las Vegas, you’ll find just about every road lit by street lighting every 100 to 200 feet. It is very normal for the city of Las Vegas to have 250,000 visitors every weekend. On the busy weekend (such as New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, and Super Bowl weekend, to name a few) we can get over a half a million visitors to our community.

This community has a lot to offer and most people find plenty to do and plenty of people to do it with when they live here in Las Vegas. The number one reason why people moved from Las Vegas is to go back to family when their health situations start to change. We challenge you to come to Las Vegas and find out if Las Vegas has something great to offer you. Most people’s perception of Las Vegas is what they see on the Strip. When you get off the Strip and visit the individual neighborhoods and the community in general, you have no idea what this town has to offer.

The best use of your time is to get a hold of someone who knows a lot about the community. I can tell you that you need to learn enough about the area to determine if it’s an area worth further investigation. That should be the first thing you set up when you’re going to a community to see if it’s a place where you might want to live. You can waste a lot of valuable time driving around your cell and not learning anything. Call us we can help.

General descriptions of the Las Vegas area and the surrounding area

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