Retirement should have one overarching objective: to offer enjoyment. Yes, you can play all day; yes, you can entertain guests; yes, you can turn in early and wake up before dawn (or turn in late and sleep all day); yes, you can spend your money on philanthropic adventures at home or abroad, including service missions to Africa or welfare seminars at the local homeless shelter. The only thing you need to ask yourself is “am I having fun?”

Perhaps you’ve noticed an influx of advertising to seniors, now that you’re thinking about retirement. They all seem to sell the same image, usually involving a beachfront property. It seems to be working, too, as coastal states have a higher senior population than others across the country.

But to overlook Nevada, specifically the senior communities near Las Vegas, is to ignore a fundamental fact: where do people go when they need to destress, have fun, do some gambling, and try new foods? They come to America’s Playground, Nevada, and find rejuvenation in this timeless desert oasis.

Searching the Las Vegas Directory

It is no secret what it is that brings people to Nevada to visit, but what keeps them here? What attractions turn a visitor into a resident? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to put your stakes down in the Nevadan soil. 


Most advertising to seniors factors in recreation of some kind, usually surrounding a single place, like Miami or Denver. Nevada certainly has the marquee towns (which we’ll discuss) but you might be surprised to learn just how much the state has to offer. There’s truly something for everyone.

Las Vegas

A truly famous city with a reputation for fun, Las Vegas is home to The Strip — the largest and densest entertainment district in the world. With casinos, live shows, Michelin-accredited restaurants, and a general atmosphere of excitement, Las Vegas puts a premium on luxury and newness, meaning you’ll never visit the same city twice.


“The biggest little city in the world,” Reno is Nevada’s second-largest city but with a population of fewer than 250,000 people. In addition to the regular fun-making fare of bars and casinos, Reno is home to some of the most unique festivals in the country, like the Great Reno Balloon Race or the National Championship Air Races. It’s also a great place to appreciate vintage cars, thanks to the National Automobile Museum and annual car conventions.

Lake Tahoe

Looking forward to spending your retirement on beautiful beaches with crystal clear water? Try Lake Tahoe. Not only does it accommodate summer and winter fun, but it is also one of the most strikingly beautiful lakes in the world. 

Great Basin National Park

Nevada is home to many national parks, the most famous being the Great Basin. Sporting incredible scenic drives around Wheeler Peak and spelunking opportunities into the Lehman Caves, Great Basin gives you a chance to experience the timeless beauty of nature, surrounded by 5,000-year-old trees, to boot. 


Nevada is a great place to find one’s “people.” More people are choosing to spend their retirement in the Silver State and a greater emphasis is being placed on making beautiful and comfortable places for them to live.

Las Vegas Senior Communities

The senior living community is having a bit of a renaissance in Nevada. Not only are the neighborhoods themselves lovely but people are happier and generally more involved in their community

Tax-Friendly Living

Nevada has a revolutionary take on taxes: fewer. Consider the following:

  • No state income tax
  • No taxes on Social Security income, inheritance or estate, pensions
  • No taxes on retirement withdrawals

When the Nevada advertising to seniors says they would like you to retire here, they mean it.

Lower Cost of Living

Not only are you getting more home for your money in Nevada, but the essential living expenses go farther as well — groceries, healthcare, and utilities are all generally less than what you are paying in a coastal state.

Choosing one of the senior communities in Las Vegas in which to retire is not only a great plan for your wallet but also for your heart and your head. The desert air, the mountainous retreats, the unending resorts all contribute to a happier, healthier retirement. To learn more about which communities are available, visit our communities page, here.

An Exciting Retirement: Spending Your Golden Years in the Silver State

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