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To answer that question, we would need to find out what exactly it is you’re looking for. Our job as a real estate agent first and foremost is to extract from you what exactly it is what your tastes and needs are to get the whole picture. The professional agent will understand the components to the properties that you have access to such as square footage, bedrooms, den, family room, bathrooms, kitchen and garage space. We learn as activity goes such as open floor plans or traditional  floor plans, style, land, etc.

When asking questions about what it is you’re looking for, typically we are trying to accomplish finding out exactly what your likes are and how to incorporate them into the house that you’re going to eventually own. That is actually the fun part of being a real estate agent. Obtaining list of assisting people find what will be their home for the next few years of their life. When we do our job properly that maybe the home for a long time. This is a great time in your life. Typically, it’s the most expensive investment during these years. We need to be sure not to buy a home that really doesn’t fit your needs and then try to remodel it and add square footage. The home needs the right bones to make it fit what you’re after, even if you do remodel it. Better to pay attention to listen to what the needs are and by the home that accomplishes the best needs from the start so that any changes will be mostly cosmetic and personal interest improvements.

When purchasing a home within an active adult community, there are a lot of questions that need to go into the fact such as proximity to restaurants, bus lines, hospitals, shopping and activities. Then you talk about the exposure of the property if you want to see a golf course, city view, or walls and fences in the backyard. All of those things you may need or want. Then privacy from your neighbors or views sometimes it is hard to get both.

When purchasing a home in the southern Nevada, it is always good to consider the direction your home faces. For example, homes normally have most of their windows in the rear of the home. When purchasing that home if you enjoy the outdoors and you like to be in Las Vegas in the summertime you don’t get as much use out of your back patio with a west rear facing yard. With our temperatures at or above 105 degrees, the time in the direct sun needs to be at a minimum. When you have a southern backyard you get more sun in the winter months almost all day long. That could be a big advantage or it may be a big disadvantage. When you have a north backyard, you do not get the sun in your windows in the rear of your home any time all year long. East backyards get morning sun and they are terrific for entertaining in the afternoon for things during the barbecue season.

Most people that remodel homes remove wall separating living space to create the great room effect. Remodeling homes when done properly is quite an extensive job. When going through a house it becomes like where do you stop. To put in new floors you need new baseboards. If you need new baseboards you might need new trim around the doors. When you take walls out you have to finish the wall so they look like part of the original  floor plan. When redoing kitchens, most of the time it’s new cabinets or at least reface the old cabinets then you take down the old backsplash and put in new backsplash and countertops appliances  should be new. Then you go look in the garage and you need to put in new painted floors, air conditioning units, and water heaters sometimes need to be redone. Hurry up and there’s new crown molding going in the property along with interior doors. When you start in the bathrooms, the showers need to be redone. Built from scratch glass on the shower should be thick and clear stationary, hardware and plumbing fixtures and bathroom cabinets and counters. When you go into the closet, sometimes they need organization and extra shelving. Very often window coverings do not fit the new look so you need to start over and put in all new window coverings.

The interior of the house must be painted to complete a remodel and the exterior of the property is usually in need of paint as well.  No house is complete without curb appeal. Landscaping needs to be dealt with trimmed up and properly maintained usually add a few shrubs for color and possibly add some brick walkways  and living areas.  Covered patios are a big deal in southern Nevada they add many hours outside for your enjoyment. many people make the mistake of screening in patios because they come from an area where you have to screen it in to use the area. We would strongly suggest that you spend some time at your home before screening in the patio and find out if you think you need a covered screened in patio. Most people find out that is not something they will ever need.

There are many things that go into making each real estate transaction. That is the reason why we enjoy our business so much it is truly fun to help somebody find the right home for them.  Professional real estate agents that knows the area and what the communities have to offer and where the floor plans exist and that would fit their clients’ needs. We would suggest finding a real estate agent that is an SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialists). An agent who is taking the time to get that designation would normally spend the time to find out what is going on in the active senior community.

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