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We feel strongly that it is the HOAs responsibility within any given active adult community to make their community as sellable and marketable as possible. The community should assist in promoting their products and activities to others so that they can have a new bloodline of people moving into the community. It makes that community more viable more active and a better place for people to locate. That in turn makes that senior community very valuable for the people who own homes there because it is active and others would enjoy living there as well.

Some people mistakenly think that the only thing that is going to bring people to a community is competitive pricing. Competitive pricing is a key ingredient to help sell a home. However, if the community that you live in is desirable, then the community itself helps increase the demand for the area. Meaning the price of that property just went up because it offers more to the purchaser when buying that property. When a person buys a home within a community they’re making a lifelong commitment to spend HOA fees there for as long as they own the home. It is very nice to have a board that oversees their money with responsibility and tries to make their money go as far as they possibly can without raising fees and providing the activities the residents need.

Some communities have gone as far as to charge extra money for investors to buy a property when they want to update it and resell it. When talking to buyers, the buyers talk about how dated a community is they do not want to buy a home where all the homes in the community appear to be 30 years old well lived in. They all want to buy a home what is new and more viable that is why new home communities get so much activity. Many times you will find people buying a new home community that really doesn’t offer them the things that they would really like to have within that community. They find themselves buying a home that is well-equipped and more modern rather than one that is located in an area where really suits their lifestyle better. This is reasons why we feel like it’s the HOA responsibility to help promote homes and lifestyle within  their communities.

A little food for thought: a person should make a list of things that are important to them to have within a community that they would like to live in. They would have the opportunity to enjoy the active adult lifestyle. We also believe it is the HOAs and residents in the community responsibility to make as many of those activities available to all of their residents. While there may not be a way to get everything provided you should look for all that is possible for you to enjoy and help promote.

We believe it’s a very difficult task to have a community board that can objectively look at the investments that they make into clubs facilities and activities to accommodate the residents that live in their community. One of the things that happens to a community is as people get older they may not be able to do some of the more active things that the community has.  Then the community will phase out those activities from their calendar of events. Many times they don’t realize that the people moving in want some of those same activities back that they have phased out.

There needs to be a way for people to move into a community to request some activities have an opportunity to do more things. if you have moved into a senior community and they don’t offer the activities that you would like to see, send a request to the board asking to implement some of those activities. When you send the request in, you really need to be willing to donate some time and effort to help get those things get started. There are way too many people who will complain without being willing to put the effort in to make things better. Bottom line: if you bring an issue before the board, then have a well thought out solution to the problem to go along with it for their consideration.

You will find, when living in Las Vegas, that many people will love to come visit you. Sometimes you’ll find relatives that you haven’t seen in years are willing to show up at your door and in some instances hoping you will let them stay at your home. You do need to be aware that this will happen because Vegas is a very inexpensive place to travel to. Many people look for reasons to come to Las Vegas. Many people look for any opportunity to visit. When there is any reason to come here for an activity. This can be a huge benefit of living here where family will come see you with just a little bit of encouragement.

The Las Vegas community is a lot like most other communities when you stay away from the strip downtown. There are so many things going on downtown though many people go downtown just to do some of the activities that this community has going on on a daily basis. Think back for a moment about the reasons that you like to come to Vegas prior to considering moving here. Realtors have to be careful quite often when viewing empty houses when the owner out of state. Very often, they will to come visit their home just to see if it’s okay. The biggest reason for that trip is they can write it off on their income tax while out looking so they may do things they want with former friends.

In conclusion, this community has so many things to offer and so much to do we believe it should be on the short list of places you would consider when retiring. There is no state income tax which is a huge pay raise for people coming from California and areas that have state taxes. Benefits to living in this community include: If people need work they can actually find it, they will have a very short drive to get there, they can find affordable homes in areas close to work if they desire, and people don’t have to be on the roads for hours at a time. We hope you find this as good food for thought and we hope to continue to be able to broaden horizons and make your life better in the future.

We wish you all the success in finding the community of your choice. One that would fit your active adult lifestyle and then accomplish what you have as a vision for you and yours in the senior years. Do not waste any years living where you are not happy! Live life to the fullest.

Living in active adult Senior Communities

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