Clark County Nevada is a great place to live. It is conveniently located in the southwest portion of the United States where elevation changes from low desert to high desert. As you explore the area, you’ll see changes in plant life as elevation rises to Mount Charleston where there are pine trees and mountainous vegetation. The Las Vegas area is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Found on the west side of Las Vegas are the largest mountains of the Spring Mountain Range which encompasses Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston. Mountains at the north end of Las Vegas are known as the Sheep Range. The east side of Las Vegas is the Sunrise Mountain area and beyond Sunrise Mountain you reach Lake Mead. The Lake Mead area as well as Laughlin are the lowest points in Clark County. On the south end of Las Vegas in the Henderson area, you will find Black Mountain.

Temperatures in southern Nevada are quite mild. In the wintertime, you’ll find our overnight lows in the 30s, and our daytime highs reaching the mid 50’s. In the summertime, the temperatures are nice and warm. The morning lows during that time of year are in the 80s. Spring temperatures are terrific. Each season brings different opportunities for fun and recreation.

For outdoor activities, there are national parks in Clark County: Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Lake Mead. These areas allow for hiking, boating, camping, and sightseeing. Valley of Fire has an area set aside for rappelling and mountain climbing, as well as many trails for hiking. Red Rock is a great place for bicycle enthusiasts. Mount Charleston is very close to Las Vegas, within an hour’s drive. It has a ski resort and many hiking and ATV trails. Many people plan mini-hikes around the area to explore old mining communities. Valley of Fire National Park is a park surrounded by Sandstone mountains with caves and its own unique wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see bighorn sheep, lizards, and other creatures in the area. Be sure to bring your camera with you. There will be unparalleled photo opportunities. 

Entertainment in the Las Vegas area is unlike that found in any other city. We enjoy the luxury of having many casinos throughout our community. Most casinos procure only the finest entertainment, the dining is fantastic, and the memories are lasting.

When living in Las Vegas, there are many parks, community centers, walking trails, hiking trails, biking trails, tennis courts, golf courses, softball fields, and soccer fields. When driving in Las Vegas, you’ll find just about every road lit by street lighting every 100 to 200 feet. It is very normal for the city of Las Vegas to have 250,000 visitors every weekend. On the busy weekend (such as New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, and Super Bowl weekend, to name a few) we can get over a half a million visitors to our community.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer. You will certainly find plenty to do and plenty of people to do it with. 



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